Green Fuel Verification

Mark, measure, and trace green fuels across the supply chain with green fuel verification from Authentix. Achieving environmental goals for emissions is more complex than just utilizing low-carbon fuels. The production of these green fuels significantly influences the carbon intensity of the end product. However, the current verification methods for sustainable fuel classifications have significant limitations, and organizations struggle with the lack of clear visibility and verification of renewable fuel products within their existing supply chains.

Authentix helps brand owners and governments measure and confirm the integrity of these physical products through our green fuel verification solutions.


Innovative Tracking Solution Using Traceable Fuel Markers

Leveraging 25 years of experience in safeguarding the intensity of global fuel distribution, Authentix provides a broad range of fuel markers for identifying compromises from adulterants and diverted products as green fuels traverse the supply chain. These markers can be added to both fossil and biofuels at extremely low concentrations, even in the parts per billion (ppb) range. Despite their minute presence, the solution allows for the quantitative measurement of any product compromise.


Green Fuel Authentication Required to Assure Low-Carbon Compliance

Green Fuel Verification

The above diagram illustrates two scenarios of supplying low-carbon, green fuel to a bunkering container ship. In both scenarios, a green fuel supplier has been certified by an internationally recognized scheme and also adds an Authentix fuel marker to the product in their tank so the product is now traced with both a digital certificate and a marker.

Authentix green fuel markers can be integrated into one or multiple products at the certified point of origin, where a certificate is issued. As the fuel then moves through the supply chain, it can be quickly verified that the physical product aligns with the digital certificate by using an Authentix field-based, portable device. If it is combined with other non-renewable or substandard sources, the ratio of the certified product can also be confirmed. These innovative technologies enable traceability, verification, and classification of sustainable fuels to detect and prevent the abuse and illicit trade necessary to complete the green transition to renewable fuels.

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