Protect your branded fuel

Fuel integrity is essential to an oil company’s brand promise. As the fuel supply chain becomes increasingly complex, companies must protect their revenue, brand reputation and customers from intentional threats or inadvertent quality problems.

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Increase Revenue. Gain Competitive Advantage.

Protect Brand Value.

Authentix branded fuel protection programs provide a powerful way for oil companies to grow revenue, gain competitive advantage, reduce unauthorized fuels in market and eliminate unfair competition.

  • Advanced fuel markers and analyzers
  • Robust data analytics and reporting
  • Comprehensive services and support
  • 25+ years of experience successfully implementing fuel programs
  • Over 2 trillion liters of fuel marked
  • Trusted by 9 of the leading global oil and gas companies

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  • Fuel authentication program helps Serbia recover
    millions in lost excise taxes

    More than 930 million liters of fuel marked, and the Serbian government began to see significant evidence that the program was working.

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  • Major US Fuel Marketer Protects its Brand Promise
    and Revenue Stream

    The oil company has experienced a 7% decrease in failure rate directly attributed to a reduction in the commingling of non-branded gasoline with branded product.

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  • Level 3 Security Features and Currency

    Counterfeiting put one of the world’s largest economies at risk when rates reached nearly 300 counterfeits per million notes.

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  • How One Country Increased Excise Tax Collection

    Learn how one African nation overcame under reporting of production volumes and product smuggling of tobacco, spirits, beer, soda and bottled water.

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  • Pharmaceutical Counterfeits Threaten $1 Billion Pipeline of Product

    Counterfeit copies of major pharmaceutical brand were discovered in the US market. With no security measures in place to allow patients or inspectors to easily identify counterfeit goods.

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