Corporate Sustainability


Authentix manages all relationships with employees, suppliers, customers and the communities we operate in with respect and integrity.

  • Authentix is passionate about every employee’s professional development through regular 1:1 coaching, sponsored training courses, and a wide variety of technical development programs.
  • Corporate culture is nurtured through various engagement opportunities like employee reward programs, social events, workplace celebrations, and inclusion policies that foster employee input.
  • The people at Authentix are its greatest asset. Attracting and retaining top tier talent are prioritized by offering market value pay rates, flexible work schedules for a better work/life balance, referral programs, internal promotions and numerous career development programs.
  • Authentix holds the physical and mental health of every employee in high regard with safe, clean working conditions especially during the COVID-19 pandemic where all CDC guidelines are meticulously followed.
  • Annual employee surveys have been conducted since 2019 with the most recent response rate of over 90%. Results show increased employee satisfaction and engagement. The feedback from these surveys is used for executive assessment and to enact policy initiatives.
  • All suppliers are evaluated based on business management, financial and ethical practices in accordance with our ISO 9001 registration to ensure the highest quality products and services for our clients and customers.
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