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Success isn’t measured with only one outcome. At Authentix, as an international company, part of our charge is to respect the communities we serve and strive to create value that is sustainable and leaves a lasting positive impact. Beyond our business to create a world of confident commerce, our teams employ a thoughtfulness toward not only how we do business, but how we leverage our resources to invest back in the community. Please share in our stories of how we work with our clients to plant seeds of sustainable growth for today and years to come.


New Solar Power System in Guyana’s Rockstone Primary School Region Ten

The Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) in partnership with Authentix installed a Solar PV System and Battery Energy Storage System at its Rockstone Primary School, located on the right bank of the Essequibo River and connected by road approximately 26 km west of Linden. Authentix chose the site and donated money for equipment and supplies. This initiative will provide a renewable, stable and reliable supply of electricity for the school’s daily activities, benefiting approximately 60 students and 7 teachers.


Authentix Funds New Chemistry Lab Equipment for Malaika School in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Malaika Foundation is a not-for-profit organization created by Noëlla Coursaris Musunka, a Congolese/Cypriot philanthropist and international fashion model whose home country is the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The foundation’s focus is the Malaika School for Girls in Lubumbashi, DRC. Since 2007, the school has grown to over 400 full time students.

The school had constructed more space for a new chemistry lab and an expanded science curriculum but needed funding to properly outfit the lab with the needed equipment and begin classes. In September 2022, Authentix donated the necessary funds for the needed equipment which included hundreds of high-quality lab glassware, water distillation systems, recirc pumps, electronic instruments, dissection kits, high-powered microscopes, and a host of other high-quality parts and tools needed for students to discover the world of chemistry through hands-on instruction and experimentation.

At a special ceremony held on December 6, 2022, Malaika officially renamed its new chemistry Laboratory the “Authentix Discovery Laboratory.”

New Science Lab for Saker Baptist College in Cameroon

Originally started as an all-girl boarding school in 1962, Saker Baptist College has grown to 750+ students and is an accredited university in Limbe, Cameroon – 100km away from the major city of Douala. In August 2022, Authentix was honored to fund construction of a new biology science lab for the college to expand their science and chemistry curriculum. The lab was completed in November. Going forward, the students will enjoy a new curriculum in biology and chemistry sciences in this new facility.


Zambia—Clean Water & Sanitation

The government clearly recognized a gap that people in drought stricken rural regions faced to access clean and safe water for daily use. As outlined in the 7th National Development Plan for 2017-2021, key stakeholders meticulously collaborated with businesses to support the development plan goals and objectives of improving the availability of water and sanitation infrastructure in Zambia. At the direction of the Zambia Energy Regulation Board, Authentix supported a basic need for clean water and sanitation to improve health conditions for those in rural areas.




Leaders of rural constituencies worked with Authentix, its sub-contractors, and the community to fund and execute the drilling of boreholes in the Petauke district within the Eastern Province of Zambia.

  • 30 water boreholes were rehabilitated successfully.
  • 6 water boreholes were drilled, and pumps installed successfully.

Benefits for the community:

  • Over 30,000 people with new access to clean and safe drinking water.
  • Reduced the number of non-communicable diseases in the district.
  • Improved productivity levels due to closer access to water as opposed to previously when community members used to walk long distances to go and fetch water.
  • Increased school class attendance as children will not miss school to go and search for water.
  • Improved sanitation levels at two schools.


Zambia—Girls Dormitory in Muchinshi Boarding Secondary School in Chingola

Authentix was honored to collaborate with the Chingola Constituency Development Trust and Great North Petroleum in the noble cause of constructing a girls’ dormitory in Zambia. Young girls in this region are subjected to walking long distances to attend school and often forced to find accommodations in dangerous conditions to maintain their studies. A safe, clean dormitory offers the chance at a safe and sustained education, minimizing female dropouts by deterring unplanned pregnancies and early marriages.

Ghana Community Lighting and New Borehole Water Wells

In the town of Obuasi West, located in the Ashanti region of Ghana, there are approximately 70,000 people. Unfortunately, the community has endured the long-term effects of 130+ years of gold mining. Obuasi has been met with various in environmental challenges – loss of farmland, pollution of water sources, and property damage to name a few. To alleviate and improve the living conditions of Obuasi residents, we worked with community leaders to install new wells in nine towns and install 250 lights and sensors.


Ghana Technology Laboratory in Kongo Senior Secondary School

Authentix listened to the needs of our customers in and outside of the boardroom. When the Ghana National Petroleum Authority expressed a need to help the only high school in the Kongo district, it was an honor for us to collaborate on this project.



The Kongo Senior Secondary School accommodates 2,200 students. To create demonstrable progress for the children of the region, they needed basic educational tools.

  • Authentix installed 21 fully networked computers with internet access.
  • Authentix provided assistance to install a reference library.

Benefits for the community:

Twenty-six student classes benefited from course modules such as the ‘Introduction to Computer Hardware and Software.’ These modules provide students the ability to recognize the different facets and functionality of the technology.



Supporting Better Healthcare in South Africa

Authentix has supported the South Africa Medical and Education Foundation for a new ARV and TB unit in Delft, a township on the outskirts of Cape Town. The local Community Health Centre serves approximately 20,000 patients per month. More than 1,700 received ARV treatments for HIV. Previously, the Health Center did not include a dedicated waiting area for those with HIV or tuberculosis (TB). This means that the ARV treatments were carried out in the maternity unit. Today, ARV and TB patients are treated in a completely separate unit – no longer posing a health risk to newborn babies.

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