Elevating Your Brand Protection Strategy with Multilayered Security Solutions

By: Jeff Conroy, Chief Scientist, Authentix Many companies are thinking more broadly about how to implement coordinated anti-counterfeiting, anti-diversion strategies across their brands and throughout different regions of the world. Just as tamper-evident seals on bottles of pills and liquid formulations became more common due to a tampering scare in the 1980s, attitudes toward anti-counterfeiting...

Inspector Led Authentication’s Contribution to Brand Protection Programs

By: Andrzej Hornostaj, VP Brand Solutions, Authentix Identification of an at-risk product and implementing an authentication solution is not the end of the story, it is just the beginning. Constant inspection of the product in the supply chain and marketplace is required to ensure useful actionable insights is generated to minimize counterfeit and diversion practices...

Technology Progression in Fuel Marking

Stop Fuel Smuggling Series By: Jeff Conroy, Chief Scientist, Authentix Branded fuel suppliers began to use colorants in the 1950’s as a means to indicate fuel type, grade, or brand in the downstream petroleum industry, and this approach continues with wide-spread acceptance today. As fuel taxes and subsidies came into use around the globe, it was...

Responsible Fuel Supply Chain Management Just Makes $ense

Illegal Fuel Trade, Supply Chain Integrity and Technology By: Erwin Dorland, Advisory Program Delivery Manager, Authentix When addressing the problem of fuel smuggling or fuel fraud, responsible fuel supply chain management isn’t just a simple question of doing the right thing – it makes financial sense. Responsible management and minimising risks within the fuel supply...

Frost & Sullivan Awards Authentix with the Authentication Solutions Technology Leadership Award

By: Mohamed Lazzouni, COO, Authentix Remember as kids the excitement you felt upon receiving a blue ribbon or trophy from sports or an art or science project? Your parents would post it on the refrigerator and tell everyone how proud they are of you. That’s how I felt upon learning that the prestigious Frost &...

The Harmful Implications of Illicit Fuel Trade—the economy, the people, the environment

Written by: Kevin McKenna, President, Oil & Gas, Authentix Stop Fuel Fraud Series People often ask me what I do for a living. When I state that I manage a business that helps detect and deter illicit fuel trade, most of the time the response is a confused look and the question, “What is illicit...

How to Create a Secure, High-Quality Fuel Supply

Introduction to Stop Fuel Fraud Blog Series Every country around the globe is dependent on the use of petroleum products to move people and goods around, generate power and generally keep their economies growing. Because of this ubiquity in the economy, most governments have developed fuel taxation systems to fund essential services for the benefit...

A Product Owner’s Journey to Release the LSX 3000 Field Analyzer

It was over a year ago now that I was tasked with taking up the role Product Owner for Authentix’s newest analyzer for our Fuel Marking Programs, christened the LSX 3000 Field Analyzer. At the beginning of my involvement in the project, I was looking up quite a steep hill and had some reservations; it...

Are Counterfeiters Innovators

Are Counterfeiters Innovators? I read an interesting article recently about the long discussed topic of why larger organizations can’t be more like a startup. [1] This topic is often brought up in the context of keeping organizations innovative and open to new markets and ideas outside of the normal focus of that business. But this...

The end is nigh for banknotes? The data disagrees.

The conventional wisdom is that the end of cash is near. A recent Forbes online article [1] is the latest example of selecting facts to support a view shared by many. Yes, electronic payments are grabbing a larger piece of the payment pie, and yes money can be dirty, but the most important data to...