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Authentix, Inc. and Consortium Partner SACOM, SA Awarded Major Marketplace Governance Contract for Fuel Marking Services by Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy of Mozambique

Authentix announced today that its business consortium with Autenticação de Combustíveis de Moçambique, SA (SACOM) has signed a major contract with the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy of Mozambique to implement and operate a National Marketplace Governance program to combat the illicit trade of fuels.  The contract covers a three (3) year term and implementation of the program is now underway.

The scope of this program includes supplying proprietary covert fuel markers along with logistics and management services to chemically mark the country’s fuel supply, monitor compliance, and provide detection capability to the government for the discovery and elimination of illicit and substandard fuels.  SACOM will handle in-country logistics for the program including security, warehousing, personnel, and infrastructure and Authentix will supply the core technology, enabling hardware, and a cloud-based data platform.  The solution will include the Authentix Information System (AXIS®), a cloud-based data information system, to enable tracking, compliance, and enforcement of fuel marketing companies and retailers when illicit fuel products are found entering the supply chain.   This fuel governance system will provide product movement control and fuel product authentication via secure and environmentally friendly technologies introduced at fuel terminals and loading sites and tracked to consumer retail stations.  At anticipated volumes, the contract will cover approximately 2 billion litres of fuel marked and monitored per annum.

Authentix’s Marketplace Governance programs have helped dozens of national governments recover billions of dollars in lost tax revenue due to illicit trading while also improving the environment by substantially reducing the amount of pollution due to low-quality fuels and waste oil products illegally entering the nation’s fuel supply.

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