Support Services

Authentix’s industry-accepted and commercially tested programs demonstrate our technological strengths and collaborative partnership approach. Whether we work with customers to instill confidence in fuel integrity, introduce opportunities for tax revenue growth or ensure unauthorized products never enter the market, we provide the consultation, design, implementation and operational support for the most effective authentication solution.




Provide subject matter expertise to survey the current situation, confirm problems and success criteria, and identify solution constraints. Consultative services also include counselling stakeholders on preparing the country or company for a successful program. This includes, if required, drafting legislation to support and enforce a program, public relations support, and assistance educating stakeholders



Using the information collected during a consultation, Authentix then provides design services to develop a solution architecture using a selection of services, markers, analyzers, and the Authentix Information System (AXIS®) applications. Authentix will select the appropriate capabilities that will be custom-tailored based on the program’s specific requirements, producing a technical solution set that prescribes a marking, sampling, testing, and enforcement plan.



As part of our customers’ success, Authentix delivers your solution across a spectrum of delivery scenarios with Authentix serving as the prime or as subcontractor.


Program Support

During this phase, a program manager assumes responsibility for its operations, and is accountable for the fulfilment of program requirements. Authentix measures delivery against the customer success criteria, as well as customer satisfaction throughout the operational period, and puts appropriate plans in place to achieve high levels of satisfaction.

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