What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart

Authentix maintains its leadership position by focusing on three principal points of difference, namely:


  1. We invented, designed, built and applied the technology.

    Sustaining all that we do is a foundation of world-class technical experience. The marking and detection technology we use today was invented, designed, built and applied for clients by our scientists and engineers. With such depth of experience, Authentix continues to design, build and implement effective authentication solutions.

  2. We ensure that client programs deliver successful outcomes.

    From helping governments increase excise tax collection by combatting fuel fraud to fighting counterfeiting and diversion of pharmaceuticals, Authentix programs solve real problems. Authentication technology is the crucial core of flexible, robust programs that are designed and implemented to meet each client’s specific goals and needs.

  3. We deliver comprehensive solutions.

    Our fuel marking programs has protected the supply chain integrity of governments and global brands for over 20 years, quickly determining if fuel is sold illegally or being adulterated with inferior products. The programs use a layered suite of markers and proprietary analyzers paired with implementation and operational services. Authentix is unique in the pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods, agrochemical and spirits industries in being able to authenticate products as well as their packaging.Even if the product is ingestible, such as a food, drink, or pharmaceutical, we have a range of FDA approved forensic markers, which can authenticate the product, without impairing it any way. In combining packaging and product authentication, we provide the most comprehensive authentication and supply chain security solutions in the industry. As part of our comprehensive processing solutions for central banks, we provide Level 2 and 3 solutions for banknotes.