What is your Pharmaceutical Risk Factor?


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1) Counterfeiting risk profile for critical care medicines

2) Action steps for authentication solutions

Pharmaceutical manufacturers’ supply chains are becoming more complex in our globalized economy. With sales ranging from $163 billion to $217 billion per year, counterfeit pharmaceuticals are the largest segment of fraudulent goods sold worldwide every year. For consumer safety and brand integrity, you need the right authentication solutions to thrive within the pharmaceutical supply and distribution chain.

Proactively identifying those medicines “at risk” of being counterfeited is the first step to stopping potential threats, pinpointing the gaps in your supply chain and preventing counterfeit medicines from entering the marketplace.

Take our risk assessment survey to protect your consumers and your brand.

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1. Is this product a life-saving drug?

2. Is this product a lifestyle or illicit off-label use drug?

3. Is this product considered to be high-priced?

4. What is the annual sales revenue for product?

5. What is the level of counterfeiting within this drug classification?

6. Does this drug have strong brand recognition?

7. How complex is the product’s supply chain?

8. Is this product susceptible to repackaging?

9. Is this product’s packaging easy to reproduce?

10. Is the drug easy to reproduce?

11. Does this drug have any competition?

12. Would the patient be able to easily detect that this product is counterfeit?

13. Are there any known supply chain issues?

14. Is this a global product?