Markers & Devices to Authenticate Currency


For the protection of national currency, major Central Banks rely on Authentix’ sensors to accurately and reliably detect the presence of Authentix security features. These sensors utilize advanced optical imaging techniques as well as ultra-sensitive detection of the emission properties of proprietary optical makers.

One solution, Jewel™, Banknote Security is based on an optical phenomenon not detectable by conventional optical systems. The signals generated depend upon the proprietary formulations and manufacturing process, providing Jewel the level of security required by a Level 3 feature.

Jewel can be embedded directly into the banknote substrate. Although the feature can also be printed onto the note, addition into the substrate allows for a very robust implementation without introducing additional challenges to the print design. In addition, substrate addition assures that 100% of the banknote contains the security feature and even if all of the ink on the note is removed the remaining material can be authenticated.

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