AXIS Information System – Full Authentication Program Visibility

AXIS® Field Sampling

Detecting illicit activity requires capturing samples from various field locations – retail sites, warehouses, bulk storage locations – anywhere along the supply chain from manufacturer to the consumer. This AXIS application simplifies that process.

Bluetooth®-enabled portable readers or analyzers are used to test field samples to determine if the product meets the specified authenticity criteria as determined by program design. The Field Sampling module is installed on tablets or other smart, mobile devices that automatically capture the test results and field sampling related metadata such as location coordinates, date / time stamp, and other details. If the test results show that the sample is counterfeit or adulterated, the user is prompted to execute the chain of custody process for such a failed sample as defined by the program’s design.

Data collected by the device is stored in a secure local database until it can be uploaded to the central data store.