AXIS Information System – Full Authentication Program Visibility

AXIS Analysis & Devices

AXIS® Analysis & Devices

This AXIS application provides the analysis of sample results, monitoring performance of field and lab devices as well as overall lab sample information and process management. Functionality includes remote oversight of location, status, operational performance, and calibration test results from all analyzers used in the program.

This AXIS application is the laboratory information management system, enabling best practice workflows for sample handling and laboratory test protocols as well as being the repository of sample test results from all centralized labs.

This AXIS application also provides lab and field device management to monitor the health and performance of all program readers and analyzers. The location of the field devices can be tracked via GPS or GPRS and the operator’s identity via login information. The performance of all devices – field and laboratory equipment – is collected and made available through this application to allow analysis of uptime and device diagnostic data. This aids program preventative and remedial maintenance actions.