AXIS Information System – Full Authentication Program Visibility

AXIS Actions & Insights

AXIS® Actions & Insights

This AXIS application enables enterprise-wide data analytics using internal and external data sources to provide the business intelligence via operational reports and KPI dashboards. These tools drive actionable insights for the program’s management and key stakeholders. Users can take actions based on timely data aggregated from the entire business, enabling program monitoring to ensure continued efficacy and providing insight into the whole product supply chain.

Integrated throughout the AXIS offerings are rich analytics and reporting to provide predictive analytics from cloud based solution. The following are examples of the application features.

  • Provides visibility across and into all aspects of the authentication program via cloud-based analytics
  • Generates reports and analytics that are easy to access, use, and share
  • Delivers insights to make data-driven decisions quickly to achieve strategic goals
  • Provides detailed view of marking, sampling, analysis and case management reports
  • Provides reports accessible on a wide variety of devices – desktops, mobile and tablets

A key application of the AXIS suite is the support of case investigation actions through collecting, analyzing, collaborating and reporting on case file data related to the management of evidence for enforcement procedures. AXIS case file reports compile all of the pertinent data needed for an enforcement action. The applications coordinate the laboratory and field results with the physical and electronic control information to form a comprehensive and highly defensible case file which is supported by the integrity of an auditable authentication program.