Authentix Vigilant™ improves program speed and performance with new LSX 3000

Authentix Vigilant™ improves program speed and performance with new LSX 3000

The LSX 3000 Field Analyzer helps enforcement officials in government fuel marking programs quickly gather accurate quantitative results to confidently manage fuel quality for the better of society.

Enforcement officials in government fuel marking programs want to quickly identify and stop illicit fuel trade throughout the fuel supply chain. Widespread and frequent field testing provides coverage over the supply chain and enables officials to identify illicit products and take immediate action to shut down a terminal or retail location when illegal fuel is detected. LSX 3000 enhances Vigilant with more effective, in-the-field improvements in:

Ease of Use

Maximum flexibility as a self-contained, light-weight unit fitting in any vehicle without mounting equipment. LSX 3000 operates well in various conditions with a battery life of 24 hours depending on usage.

Reduce Sampling Time

Rapid, reliable, quantitative results support immediate action if illicit fuel is detected without waiting for separate lab analysis.

Data Collection

Reduce time and errors with digitized workflow via integrated tablet, with automatic, secure upload of test results to AXIS Field Sample Manager. Chain of custody records and other test results are securely uploaded to central database.

How to get started

Authentix thrives in supply and distribution chain complexity, providing innovative authentication solutions that help you effectively mitigate risks to promote revenue growth and competitive advantage.

Contact us to learn more about LSX 3000 or schedule a complimentary supply chain assessment and fuel marking program ROI analysis. Learn how fuel authentication solutions can be custom-tailored to meet your government’s challenges with illicit trade in refined fuels.