Authenticate Products and their Packaging

Offerings – In-Product and On-Package Spirits

Authenticate Products and their Packaging

Authentix offers the opportunity to create a secure, multi layered authentication solution using both on-package (overt & covert) and in-product features.

This allows overt features to be included that are visible to the consumer but also to have closely guarded field testable covert and forensic features that are only detectable via authorized inspectors.

By authenticating the product itself with FDA compliant in-product markers, it is possible to counter illicit activities such as counterfeiting, diversion or substitution of products.

Authentix is unique in the industry by being able to authenticate products as well as their packaging.

For ingestible products, such as a high-end liquor or wine, Authentix has a range of regulatory approved markers, which can authenticate the product. In such circumstances, markers are designed to be inert, odorless, colorless and tasteless to ensure that the finished product is not impaired in any way. Typically, markers are inserted at parts per billion levels and at such low concentrations, they cannot be detected by conventional chemical analysis. The markers are only detected unequivocally by using proprietary Authentix readers and test kits.

In combining product and packaging authentication, together with AXIS®, a workflow management and business intelligence tool and a range of support services, Authentix provides the most comprehensive authentication solutions in the industry.