A Trusted Solution Applied to Billions of Banknotes Worldwide

How to Design a Level 3 Program for Currency

A Trusted Solution Applied to Billions of Banknotes Worldwide

One size does not fit all. Authentix believes that solutions should meet a customer’s specific needs. The Jewel™ solution is able satisfy a wide range of banknote security needs because it allows both flexibility and control in design and implementation.

Maximum Flexibility

The Jewel offering has been designed with four dimensions of flexibility. Authentix assists each customer in selecting the most efficient solution.

  1. Design Flexibility: Jewel has been engineered to allow for ease of addition into the note design. In addition to being invisible, Jewel can be added to a variety of banknote inks and varnishes, added directly into the substrate or both. This allows banks to pinpoint the optimal location and layout for the new feature that is also compatible with the existing or future print design.
  2. Substrate Independence: Jewel markers are compatible with both paper and polymer substrates. Using a substrate-independent security feature enables Central Banks that are co-circulating paper and polymer banknotes to use the same feature on all denominations. In addition, if a Central Bank using Jewel chooses to change their substrate, they do not need to change their existing sensors.
  3. Supplier Independence: Authentix does not impose a license fee or royalty on the Jewel feature or couple the feature with distinctly different banknote features or services. The feature is controlled by the Central Bank and can be added by any banknote provider or substrate provider approved by the Central Bank.
  4. Processing Flexibility: Authentix provides a collection of high speed Jewel sensors for both single note inspection and used note processing. Quality control sensors can be used as a stand-alone inspection station or installed online at the print works or substrate production line.. High speed sensors can be seamlessly integrated with all brands of high speed note sorters used by Central Banks.

Authentix consultants provide expertise with integrating Jewel sensors into high speed cash processing equipment, as well as deploying the final Jewel solution. Authentix also offers comprehensive training to perform quality control on input materials and preventative maintenance for the detection equipment.