Reliable Banknote Security


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  • Over 550 Authentix high-speed sensors are installed in Central Bank cash rooms
  • 25 denominations globally contain machine-readable features provided by Authentix
  • Authentix has developed and implemented five different high speed platforms for the determination of note authenticity and fitness

What is a Level 3 Security Program?

Banknote security depends upon the successful integration of multiple levels of security features within an aesthetic design that is pleasing to the public. Banknote security features are categorized into three separate levels.

  • Level 1 – overt features viewable by the public
  • Level 2 – hidden or covert features requiring a device for inspection and used by retailers and the public
  • Level 3 – machine readable features for Central Banks

Benefits of Level 3 Security Features

Level 3 machine readable features are the ultimate safeguard in banknote security. Based upon advanced, secret and highly robust technologies, they are for the sole use of the Central Bank. The advanced materials and sensor technologies are combined in a tightly controlled supply chain and manufacturing process to assure that replication is next to impossible.

Authentix Level 3 Security Feature Solutions

Authentix provides Jewel™, a Level 3 security solution to Central Banks around the world. Authentix offers both optical markers and specialized sensors to be used only by the Central Bank for confirming the presence and correct response of the security materials.

Optical Markers

Authentix uses robust optical markers with unique and distinctive properties which when added to a banknote can be scanned to determine the currency’s authenticity. These markers can be integrated into ink, varnish, or the substrate itself to give Central Banks maximum control over banknote security and cost.

Optical Marker Detection

Authentix has commercialized multiple high speed banknote sensors that accurately and reliably detect the presence of Authentix security features. These specially designed sensors use advanced optical imaging techniques as well as ultra-sensitive detection of the emission properties of proprietary optical makers. More than 550 Authentix high speed sensors are in operation in Central Bank cash rooms and banknote printing facilities.