Work with Authentix Your Way

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Work with Authentix Your Way

As the authority in authentication solutions, Authentix helps you thrive in supply and distribution chain complexity. You can implement a fuel authentication solution that works for your business.

Flying Solo

In some cases the customer may have the infrastructure and resources in place to establish the fuel marking program using Authentix technology. In this scenario, Authentix would supply marker, analytical devices, operating procedures and sample forms. Authentix personnel are always available for training if required.

Under these circumstances, the customer is ultimately responsible for the completion of the implementation and operations of the program, with Authentix as technical consultants.

Joining Forces

Authentix can also collaborate directly with the customer for implementation and operations of the fuel marking program. Authentix program management and technical field personnel work in tandem with customer personnel. Authentix maintains responsibility for all products and work throughout the life of the program.

Third-Party Alliance

Authentix maintains relationships with experienced third parties globally, which can be utilized for implementation and on-going program operations. Authentix personnel will also train third-party resources already in partnership with the customer.

Authentix works very closely with these trusted third parties in order to maintain accountability throughout the life of the fuel marking program.