Why Field Monitoring Is Important for a Fuel Authentication Solution.

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Why Field Monitoring Is Important for a Fuel Authentication Solution

Field sampling is key to ensuring that the fuel sold at the retail station that carries your brand name is indeed your fuel and has the correct amount of performance additive. The goals of a field monitoring program include:

  • Combating fraud due to fuel dilution and tampering at the wholesale and retail levels
  • Maintaining operational quality control throughout the downstream supply chain
  • Ensuring consumers receive what the product brand promises

The positive impacts realized through the field monitoring program include:

  • Creates accountability within the supply chain
  • Reinforced positive marketing efforts
  • Actionable insights to support enforcement proceedings or other actions to take against offenders

Authentix’s advanced authentication solutions protect manufacturers in the oil and gas industry. These solutions mitigate risks to promote revenue growth and gain competitive advantage, protecting both the brand and product in complex supply and distribution chains.