Protecting Critical Care Drugs

bannerad_a_300x250_bannerThe growth and the life-saving nature of injectable, critical care therapeutics requires multi-layered protection and authentication solutions. One highly effective solution is offered only by Sherlox, the Authentix offering for Brand Protection – marking the vial ferrule, underneath the vial cap for read-through authentication that maintains the sterility of the drug and the integrity of the primary packaging.

With Sherlox, we work with your current printers and contract manufacturing organizations to add multiple layers of covert markers onto any type of substrate, simplifying deployment and authentication in the field. Your inspection teams can rapidly scan for the markers, ensuring the authenticity of the product at any point in your supply chain.

An effective anti-counterfeiting solution contains multiple, layered components.



Learn more about Sherlox and how Authentix can help your organization combat illicit trade in branded products.

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