Brand protection

Pharmaceutical Case Study

Counterfeiters threaten $1 billion pipeline of medicine. You are your company’s brand protection manager. Counterfeit copies of one of your major pharmaceutical brands turn up in the U.S. market. You have no security measures in place to allow patients or inspectors to tell the real stuff from the fake. Consequently, $1 billion worth of your...

Is it Worth the Risk?

As long as you know the risks and can bridge the gaps… Whether you’re a superhero or a pharmaceutical manufacturer, risk is unavoidable. It can’t be ignored, but it can be managed. One of the biggest risks you face involves counterfeit medicines. They are a $200 billion annual business—that means they are the largest segment...

Life is better with the Right Authentication Strategy

Establish “authentication empowerment” with an end-to-end, customized program that instantly authenticates suspicious medicines, when and where it matters most. By: Chad Crouch, Vice President of Sales, Authentix, Inc. If you doubt that the counterfeiting of pharmaceutical medicines is a monumental problem, take a look at these statistics: counterfeit pharmaceuticals are now a $200 billion annual...

Instant authentication of your pharmaceutical products. Go from Zero to Hero in Weeks.

With the right partner, you can design and implement an end-to-end, customized authentication program and put it to work quickly. By Andrzej Hornostaj, VP Brand Solutions, Authentix, Inc. If you were part of the pharmaceutical industry in 2002, you will remember the Procrit® counterfeiting case. If you weren’t, here’s a brief recap: Procrit, a clear...

Superhero Plan

They might not want to admit it, but even superheroes need a plan. And let’s face it—they’re people of action, not necessarily the best planners. If they’re lucky, they have a sidekick who can take care of the planning and preparation of things, so their mission is a success. Think about Green Hornet for a...

Discover the Right Authentication Solution that will Save Time, Millions and Lives.

Time is never on your side when your pharmaceutical product is counterfeited and your brand reputation is at stake. By: Cheryl Smith-Johnson, Brand Marketing Manager, Authentix, Inc. The World Health Organization recently passed along some pretty alarming news: it cited statistics claiming that global sales of counterfeit pharmaceutical products could top $75 billion this year....

SLAM the counterfeiters and become your company’s Authentication Hero!

Batman’s a guy with some pretty awesome super powers. And, without doubt, a very cool ride. But maybe you didn’t know that he never learned how to tune up the Batmobile. So until his trusted partner Robin came along, the Batmobile spent most of its time gathering dust in the Batcave. Public transit is no...

6 tips for Selecting the Right Brand Protection Authentication Partner

If your pharmaceutical products haven’t been counterfeited yet, someone will probably try to soon. That’s why you need the right authentication partner. By: Atul Srivastava, VP Channels & Partners, Authentix, Inc. 2012: The makers of the cancer-fighting medication Avastin notify physicians that a counterfeit version of the medication has been discovered that does not contain...

Elevating Your Brand Protection Strategy with Multilayered Security Solutions

By: Jeff Conroy, Chief Scientist, Authentix Many companies are thinking more broadly about how to implement coordinated anti-counterfeiting, anti-diversion strategies across their brands and throughout different regions of the world. Just as tamper-evident seals on bottles of pills and liquid formulations became more common due to a tampering scare in the 1980s, attitudes toward anti-counterfeiting...

Inspector Led Authentication’s Contribution to Brand Protection Programs

By: Andrzej Hornostaj, VP Brand Solutions, Authentix Identification of an at-risk product and implementing an authentication solution is not the end of the story, it is just the beginning. Constant inspection of the product in the supply chain and marketplace is required to ensure useful actionable insights is generated to minimize counterfeit and diversion practices...