Top Ten Reasons To Join Authentix

Top Ten Reasons To Join Authentix

  1. We live our Corporate Values every day:

    • Teaming and collaboration
    • Advancing science and technology – for a better world
    • Dedicating ourselves to our clients’ success
    • Competing and winning in the marketplace
    • Taking ownership and being accountable
  2. International, diverse, all-inclusive culture with the ability to travel the world based on your role.

  3. Be an integral part of cutting edge technology.

  4. Enjoy breakrooms with complimentary drinks and snacks.

  5. Work with a powerful network of talented, creative, entrepreneurial professionals around the globe.

  6. Career development program offers professional and personal growth opportunities.

  7. Get recognition for your efforts based on our multiple reward programs.

  8. Enjoy the work hard / play hard casual atmosphere. Eventix Committee plans sports, team events, etc. based on input from employee surveys. Be a part of social responsibility projects around the world.

  9. Experience competitive benefits and salary programs including 401(k) match.

  10. Take pride in knowing that each one of us makes a difference in the world because our mission is “To ensure the integrity of brands and international commerce for the protection and betterment of society.”