Markers & Devices to Authenticate Packaging

Tax Stamp Solutions

Authentix provides comprehensive solutions to governments to maximize tax collections and ensure product integrity for spirits and other beverages. A variety of programs can be custom-tailored to solve particular problems such as diversion, counterfeiting, and tax evasion.

  • Digital Tax Marking – proprietary, encrypted and secure barcodes are directly inkjet printed on the product packaging as part of the manufacturing process. The covert markers – both an optical marker that is scanned with the barcode reader and a molecular marker that can be validated at an Authentix laboratory – are included in the secure ink and applied directly to the product. A proprietary symbology device that incorporates Authentix-designed decryption hardware and software is used to confirm that the ink is authentic and to read the encrypted barcodes.
  • Hybrid Tax Stamps – Suitable for retrofitting into existing product manufacturing facilities with limited disruption, hybrid tax stamp design can include tamper-evident seals, optical inks or holograms and guilloche security printing. On-label, secure inkjet digital features can include visible encrypted 2D barcodes suitable for scanning with mobile apps or barcode scanners, a readable 10-digit alphanumeric serial number or microprint. Covert features include proprietary optical markers that can be scanned with Authentix proprietary readers in the field and molecular markers that can be validated in an Authentix laboratory.
  • Paper Tax Stamps – Authentix machine readable markers, forensic markers, and optically variable inks are compatible with traditional tax stamp designs and application

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