Markers & Devices to Authenticate Products and Packaging

We help authenticate products and packaging with industry leading end-to-end authentication solutions and cutting edge marking technologies.



Markers & Devices to Authenticate Products and Packaging

Authentix, an industry leader, offers the most comprehensive authentication solutions for fuel marking, brand protection, and banknote security. We do this by by combining product and packaging authentication with a comprehensive custom-tailored suite of support services and workflow management technologies.

Our marking technologies can help protect the integrity of :


  • Fuel

    Markers are added to refined fuels by national governments to combat smuggling, dilution and adulteration.

  • Brands

    For ingestible products, such as pharmaceuticals, spirits or agrochemicals, a range of regulatory-approved markers can authenticate the product itself

  • Currency

    For the protection of national currency, major Central Banks rely on Authentix’ sensors to accurately and reliably detect the presence of Authentix security features. These sensors utilize advanced optical imaging techniques as well as ultra-sensitive detection of the emission properties of proprietary optical makers.



Authentix, a leading global authentication and information services company, assists customers in combating illicit trade and managing the integrity of their global supply chains. Contact us about all of our comprehensive end-to-end authentication solutions to help safeguard customers in refined fuels (e.g. gasoline, diesel, lubes, and LPG) and branded products (e.g. pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and spirits industries) from counterfeiting, product theft, product diversion, and adulteration. In addition, we help protect currencies for many leading central banks.

Authentix Vigilant™ Fuel marking programs for national governments. Global leader in covert fuel marking programs, helping national governments return over $1 billion in excise tax revenue.

Authentix Jewel™ The most flexible Level 3 banknote security solution. Over 500 Authentix high speed sensors in central banks, securing over 50 billion banknotes.

Authentix Sherlox™ Brand protection for pharmaceuticals, spirits and agricultural chemicals. Helped one health and beauty company reduce product diversion by 47%.

The Authentix Assure™ Brand protection for refined fuels. Marked over 1.5 trillion liters of fuel.